Is There A Reason To Use Aquarium Salt?

In nature, there are three categories of fish: freshwater, brackish or saltwater. Each has evolved to develop in its respective natural habitat. When you recreate a habitat in the aquarium, it is important to generate water conditions that are as close as possible to the natural conditions that exist in nature.

According to the type of habitat that you want to create, you may require the addition of salt.  Go here to view some examples of salt. There are two types of salt for use in an aquarium:

-Aquarium salt (for fresh water)
-Sea salt (for salt or brackish water tanks)

pile of saltSalt for aquariums is essentially just sodium chloride, also known as common salt, table salt and rock salt. It does not contain trace minerals or trace elements.

The sea salt type contains micro minerals and trace elements, in addition, it has the capacity of buffering which helps to maintain the pH in a high range. The exact amount of micro minerals / trace elements varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Sea salt is indispensable for salt or brackish water tanks because these salts are formulated specifically to help recreate the water conditions that can be found in nature. When you look for sea salt online, buy one that is as similar to salt water as possible and contains, or contains few, Impurities in it.

The salt does not dissolve easily. As the water evaporates from the aquarium, the salt remains. Therefore, when filling the aquarium, you should only add ionized water or fresh distilled water. Brackish water is basically dilute sea water.


In nature, most freshwater fish live in habitats where the level of minerals can not be estimated.

The use of it for aquariums in a freshwater tank is a subject of wide debate everywhere. Some add it periodically while others use it in moderation. Nevertheless, All agree that the use of salt has advantages in the conservation of certain species of fish or in the treatment of some diseases. Use salt for aquariums only when you need to and it is appropriate.

freshwater aquarium

The advantages of using salt:

-It helps to relieve stress on the aquarium

-It fights certain bacteria by making the environment inhospitable for them

-Stimulates the formation of silt

-It can improve results when used together with other treatments

-Decreases nitrite absorption

What are common characteristics of small dogs?

This received idea is certainly one of the most widespread and by far. All dogs need to spend a minimum amount of time physically outside and as often as possible. So of course, as we already know, the Jack Russell, the Beagle or the English Cocker Spaniel will need much more physical exercise than other small dogs.

Small dogs are not as physical

But it must be understood that physical exercise for dogs is essential for their good health, weight and psychological well-being. Many small dogs are carried by their masters in the arms, thats fine, but do not abuse and respect the need for physical exercise. Three walks of 15 minutes a day is a bare minimum target to hit.

All small dogs like to bite

goldenHere again everything depends on the breed and its tendency to bark but not just that … Some small dogs, are almost like alarms on legs, they don’t hesitate to bark to warn their master of a danger, the arrival of a guest or even when another dog crosses during a walk. This is the case of the Chihuahua or the Lhasa breed. Conversely, other breeds of small dogs bark rarely like the Shiba Inu or the Boston Terrier.

But excessive barking affects all dogs to some degree and can be the result of many things like frustration, fear, loneliness or lack of socialization. A dog who barks too much is therefore often the manifestation of a deeper behavioral problem, a lack of education, which must be addressed by using gentle methods of education or by consulting a professional behaviorist.

I have to protect my little dog against others

I have to protect my little dog against its bigger dogs. Don’t get scared and hide your dog yet.  Some people like to hide their pup in strong dog crates like the ones here  This is simply not necessary and you don’t have to carry it in your arms. It is a common mistake that happens when the puppy arrives in the family and has significant effects with his socialization. Puppies simply need to be social so don’t hide them away from others.